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Saturday, March 23

An Early Farewell

Hello kids!

I thought I let you guys and dolls know that this will be the last post to be published on here. SauniRue.com will be no more when April 17th comes. Sad I know, but all good things have to come to an end.


I just wanted to say thank you so much for making SauniRue.com and what was once Baby Boo a wonderful and enjoyable blog for me. Not only did give me something to do but it helped me not only help myself but to help others who may have been seeking something that was hard to find. I don't want to make this a depressing goodbye and have everybody having waterworks going on strong lol. This just to say well that Baby Boo and Sauni Rue has run their course and it's time for something new! It doesn't mean there won't be anything enjoyable or fun, you should know me better than that lol.

So that we don't get separated or lost from each other again like last year, SauniRue.com has moved to www.ItzMzBunny.com. It's active and functioning just fine. Hopefully you guys and dolls will change your bookmarks (as soon as possible) and I hope you all are in time for the Cram Courses that are coming up in April as well as the many other posts and pictures and exciting things that I still have to offer

So let us say goodbye to SauniRue.com and give a big warm welcome (and hello) to ItzMzBunny.

Now would be a good time to click it and bookmark it 

Tuesday, February 5

Time For An Update!

I thought it was time to update things over here since I've been fixing things up these past couple weeks.

Anyway as most of you may know this use to be the old Bunny Boo domain for my blog about a year or so ago and I had it for quite awhile. Unfortunately due to some technical difficulties I ended up changing the domain name a bit earlier than I had planned to. Due to the sudden change, not only did I not prepare all my fans and followers (you guys and dolls) for this abrupt transition to this sudden change. I lost a few of my chickens a long the way.

So since I decided to update it, I also didn't think back when I created this particular blog (the one you're currently on) to help everyone transition to the new and improved blog, that I didn't make the last message to mobile friendly for those who look at this via their mobile phones or tablets. I'm here to correct this!
First off let me apologize for being such a klutz and ruining it for those of you that really enjoy my blog and the content that I stuff it with. I also want to say thank you so much for sticking it out this long with me and don't worry, you guys and dolls will have enough time to play catch up.

Now on to the good stuff lol.

If you happen upon this blog, in any possible way. THANK YOU for coming to visit, but unfortunately we've moved to a new plush posh condo and it's available at www.ItzMzBunny.com. I tried my best to keep the sites looking somewhat similar so you won't think you accidentally clicked on the wrong thing. I've also changed the menu navigation bar at the top so if there's something you find interesting or something catches your eye, click on one of those menu options and you'll be taken to the new site that way. Those of you on the desktop can click either the navigational menu options at the top, the cute blogger button at the top right of the screen or simply tap the link I mention above to get to the correct place.

If you're new and not sure about all this, I'm sorry this is so confusing but unfortunately this blog isn't as active as it used to be a few years ago. Thus if you want to see my active blog and site you'll need to do one of the following above or if all else fails, just visit the Site Map for more information.

If you have any questions, comments or even concerns and suggestions, please don't hesitate to comment below or even go to the Usako menu option and click on Ask Bunny.

Either way, you will be welcomed with big open arms and plenty of hugs from the new site :).

Thank you also for taking time out to read this post and I hope to see you guys and dolls on the new site!!

Monday, September 17

Looking For Me??

In the midst of the name change and revamping the website. I thought I would change the domain name and things would transition smoothly. No such luck lol. I didn't think to correct this or let those faithful followers know that I was making a sudden such a sudden switch.

So in regards of my stupidity I'm sorry and I hope that you forgive me ^_^ please.

I also hoped that you guys and dolls missed me like I missed you!! If you're still looking for Sauni Rue or have faith that one day I'd pop back up again. Well here I am!! Just under a different name and a little bit more to offer.

If you would like to still stick it out with me and follow me click the ItzMzBunny link that's in the menu bar. And remember now that SauniRue.com is now ItzMzBunny.com.

This site will be up until April 2013. So you have until then to get well adjusted to the new domain name and the other awesome things I've got going.

So I appreciate all of you always coming back and sticking things out with me. It makes me a happy bunny and very grateful to have faithful followers (especially since I'm sucha screw up lol). Please once again forgive me and remember to bookmark the new website after you click the link of course lol.